151 Broadway
Colchester, CT 06415



Notices for Our Current Residents

Smoke Detectors

Your smoke detector is equipped with a 9 volt battery. When the battery has low power you may hear a quick ‘chirp’ from the detector. Usually it will last a few hours then stop. Please call the office and we will come and install a new battery.

Conserving Energy

During the winter months please keep windows and doors closed as not to waste the heat. The storm door alone is not acceptable to keep the cold out. The steel entry door should always be closed during the winter season.

Recycling bins

Household waste and food waste should be placed into the large dumpster in sealed bags. Recyclables as metal and plastic jars along with paper and small sized cardboard should be placed into the smaller containers. Please do not put household garbage into the recyclable containers.

Large furniture or household items

If any resident has a large piece of furniture or exercise equipment, please do not leave these items outside by the dumpster area. Please call the office and we can arrange for a pickup. Disposal charges may apply depending on the item and quantity.